About Bek O'Brien

Bek O'Brien was raised in the backwoods of Québec, and her family relocated to Missouri just before age 10. In early childhood, she learned piano and was influenced by the great composers including Bach, Vivaldi, Chopin and Beethoven. In her teens she was inspired by artists like David Gray, Nick Drake and The Be Good Tanyas. She began writing songs at age 16, all of which were scrapped before she entered adulthood.

After being introduced to Ella Fitzgerald, she became completely captivated by jazz music, and it changed the way she sang. As she entered college, she was influenced by the blues scene in St. Louis, as well as contemporary artists like Regina Spektor and The National. 

When she relocated to Ottawa to complete her degree, she began to dedicate herself to writing good music and incorporating the styles that influenced her the most, hence the folk/jazz sounds of her debut album. 

In 2013, she met producer and singer/songwriter Joel Williams, and drummer David Tysoe, and together the three began to develop her songs and mold them into something much more powerful and captivating. 

Cellist Roland Gjernes and Violinist Jacob Bryce entered the scene in early 2014, and added the delicate string sections, composed together with Bek and Joel, that bring a classical element to her music, while maintaining much of the traditional folk style. 

In 2015, Bek married her drummer, David Tysoe, and together with producer (and best man!) Joel, they began a new project under the name Emmaus. They're currently in the recording stage and hope to release in early 2017.